This powerful system is great for all affiliate marketers, but especially Amazon affiliates...

“How to Fix Your Broken Affiliate Sales Stats in 3 Easy Steps - Even if You Hate Writing”

Are You Tired of Not Earning Enough on Amazon?

The 3 Simple Steps Here Are the KEYS Which Could
Help Turn Things Around in About 17 Minutes

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

People trust Amazon, so being an affiliate for their products is an easy sell but...

Logging in every morning to check your Amazon earnings and seeing nothing changing...

Can really suck.

You keep hoping it'll increase, day after day. Maybe you're trying new things, but they just don't seem to be working for you.

Don't worry, most people don't know...

You just haven't been given the training you need to succeed.

I've been there myself.

There was a time I didn't know this either and my earnings were really, really terrible.

I went from an initial big score on Amazon where I made $4,500 in 90 days to barely cracking $100 some months. It sucked. The affiliate space REALLY changed and Google made some changes that were… well, not in my favor.

That was a big cut in earnings, so...

It was time to re-tool.

The game changed and I know I needed to adapt.

Instead of just writing about products, I started writing posts about problems / situations with solutions. In those posts, I gave a very good answer to a problem and then included some suggested products that would help, which were Amazon affiliate links, of course.

This really changed things…I focused on the solution and then found products to solve those problems.

I would write posts listing the problem and solution and then suggest products, which could either:

  • Solve the problem for them
  • Assist in solving the problem
  • Solve a related problem for them

This is a smart way of doing affiliate marketing. And sales started to increase (so definitely do this) but sales were still not where I wanted them to be.

I worked on it some more and – after all that experimentation, I came up with something that worked even better...

A very simple 3-step system.

And I saw traffic increase - bringing in more sales, too...

This 3-step system is brilliant for one, simple reason...

Words matter.

What I mean is... there are psychological techniques that help make people want to buy.

There are techniques to get certain parts of the brain triggered / working and, when they do, you have a stronger urge to keep reading (hanging on) and then eventually want to buy.

Once I learned those powerful techniques, I started seeing them being used everywhere. They're in plain sight once you learn them.

I mean... have you ever read something or saw an ad and felt compelled to buy?

We all have.

Using these techniques is, in my opinion, ethical as long as you're trying to help people.

And I boiled it down to 3 steps - let me explain...

Here's how the 3 steps work:

  • You write 3 things down
  • Apply what I say to those 3 things
  • Post your awesome content

The 3 steps are a simple TEMPLATE to produce content
that uses powerful psychological techniques.

You've then got copy that ROCKS - working harder for you.

When you see it once, you'll get it.

And anyone can follow 3 steps.

If you don't know these techniques, you can try hard but you won't get there because...

Let's face it... most people's writing really stinks...

Mine did, too.

Like... really bad.

When we do that, it's like sending a sloppy salesman out to try to make a sale... it just doesn't work. And it's NOT YOUR FAULT because if you don't know what to do, how are you going to do it?

It's like they say... "You don't know what you don't know."

But if you follow a simple blueprint... you can write better INSTANTLY.

And I've come up with a system to follow with psychological triggers built right in.

It's now time to understand these triggers and
learn how to use them in YOUR favor.

If you use my method, you do need to promise to
only use this power for good.

With that said and with your permission, I'd like to introduce my 3-step system and guide...

"Amazon Affiliate Selling Hacks"

In this easy-to-follow guide, you'll get:

  • A simple 3-step system to follow when posting new content that's super effective
  • An example of the 3-step system in action so you see exactly how it works
  • Action steps you can take to get going fast (17 minutes or so)
  • Extra tips to make your posts/reviews even better
  • A hack to get Amazon products for FREE (yes... FREE!)
  • Resources to take you even further

I've included POWERFUL tips I received from:




Masters of copywriting and online sales

Writing with secret psychological triggers is something you'll learn once and
then keep using it whenever you write.

It's a valuable skill to have.

This kind of training would cost you hundreds if you took all the courses and workshops I have to learn these methods but I’m not going to charge that much.

This is like the Cliff's Notes for affiliate marketing.

I'm offering a special price because I want you to benefit from this easy-to-use, yet powerful, strategy.

And.. to sweeten the deal, I have 3 bonuses that’ll knock your socks off…

Bonus #1: How to Increase Your Social Followers

There’s a lot of traffic you can get from social media. Just the other day, the official Google Analytics account picked up one of my tweets, retweeted it and posted it on LinkedIn as well. I saw a FLOOD of traffic for several days.

Just know that this will not happen to you if you're not doing the right kind of promotion on social media.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • What the best kind of content to post is (revealed on page 17)
  • Tips the big time influencers use (pages 19 and 21 for sure)
  • How to automate Twitter, leaving you time to work on other things

I've been using this method 5 years now to bring in loads of traffic to my affiliate pages. You have to get the word out and promote. This is one of the best ways to bring in traffic that's interested - your pages can then convert them into affiliate sales.

Get this bonus traffic to take your sales to new heights.

Value: $47 or more

Bonus #2: My Awesome Headline Swipe File

Like I said... words matter. What's even cooler than that?

Not having to come up with the right words yourself... just copy and paste what already works.

Using this swipe file:

  • You DON'T have to come up with great headlines yourself.
  • Just steal good ones and use them yourself.
  • That's how it's done - use what works.

I have a collection of 142 awesome headlines I use all the time and I'm passing this collection on to you.

It's just copy, paste, and edit. Change out a few words and you have a killer headline that can get you more clicks to your pages.

The headline does 80% of the work, so don't just wing it but use proven headlines that can WORK.

Value: $27 or more

Bonus #3: Earn More With the Traffic You ALREADY Have

You’ve worked hard for your traffic, so if you’re not squeezing all the juice out of that traffic, you’re leaving money on the table.

Here’s a ninja method to help boost your earnings with the traffic already coming to your website.

It’s easy to implement and it's possible to start seeing extra earnings right away. This isn’t something you need to wait to take effect – it can work right away once you set it up.

If you're increasing earnings with your current traffic, just imagine what will happen if you start getting MORE traffic.

This is method I've been using for years, it has made me THOUSANDS of dollars, and I should release this as a separate product but I'm including it here for you.

Value: $97 or more

Here’s What You Get:

  • Amazon Affiliate Selling Hacks – Valued at $199 or more
  • How to Increase Your Social Followers - Valued at $47 or more
  • My Awesome Headline Swipe File - Valued at $27 or more
  • Earn More With the Traffic You Already Have - Valued at $97 or more

TOTAL VALUE: $370.00 or more


When you get the power of psychological triggers working in YOUR favor...
You can be unstoppable online!

Isn't it time to learn some of these triggers and earn more online?
Without this information, you're somewhat powerless, right?

PLEASE... ONLY purchase if you can promise me
you'll use these techniques for good only.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Because I'm so confident in this training, if you don't immediately feel you got 10 times the value of your small investment, I'll give you your money back within 60 days of your purchase.

⚠️ What You Do Next Could Determine the Course of Your Business ⚠️

Either continue struggling to earn


Find out how the techniques I use can help

I'm confident if you follow my 3-step system, you'll have better sales copy, which can lead to more earnings in your account. I back it up with a 60-day money back guarantee.

You have a few choices:

  • Work and toil to try to figure it out yourself
  • Buy the next offer, hoping it maybe works
  • Don't do anything and just continue the way you are

Or, you could do the smart thing and get the secrets of
"Amazon Affiliate Selling Hacks" for a bargain price.

"Thanks for checking out my product. I really hope you enjoy the value I packed in."

-Tony Herman


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