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The commission is 50% on the front end ($17) and then 50% on the OTO ($399), which is live training.

Offer good bonuses on the OTO and together we'll rock this!

Launch: 10/27/2020

Launch pricing ends: 11/3/2020

[UPDATE 10/25/2020:] All you guys signing up as affiliates is getting me excited! I've decided to match your enthusiasm, so I added a new bonus to the OTO - my SiteBoostr Method.

I wasn't planning on releasing this product yet but I'm adding it for the first 20 people that sign up for the OTO. It's easily worth $699.

If you already made your review video, don't sweat it - I added "LAST MINUTE" to this item, so people will understand. AND... this gives you a reason to contact your tribe giving them even more of a reason to get in on the OTO. Let's all kill this!!

[UPDATE 10/24/2020:] OTO downsell added ($100 off). Here is the main product delivery page screen shot (not too exciting). And a screen shot of the OTO delivery page.

IMPORTANT: For anyone who wants to apply, please:

  • Explain HOW you're going to market
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Completely new affiliates won't be allowed.

Amazon Affiliate Selling Hacks

This is must-have training for any affiliate out there - especially Amazon affiliates. Really, everyone should be diversifying their revenue streams and there's always room for affiliate marketing with Amazon since that website is where most commerce is happening. People trust Amazon, so being an affiliate for their products is an easy sell.

This course helps affiliates write better copy that converts using psychological triggers. With the 3-step method outlined in this course, affiliate marketers will learn how to use psychological secrets to make it much more likely for the reader to buy the item they're writing about.

It's a 23-page PDF download containing:

  • Training on the 3-step method
  • Examples of the training
  • Writing compelling headlines
  • How to get Amazon products for FREE (wow!)
  • Lots of other tips and hacks to help make posts work better

And There are Some Great Bonuses...

The bonuses are:

  • Bonus #1: How to Increase Your Social Followers - Do better social media marketing (28 page PDF)
  • Bonus #2: My Awesome Headline Swipe File - Templates of some of the best headlines out there (11 page PDF)
  • Bonus #3: Earn More With the Traffic You ALREADY Have - A method to squeeze more revenue from existing traffic (15 page PDF)

How to Promote This Offer

The audience for this offer is anyone doing affiliate marketing but more for people on Amazon.

You can:

  • Send it to your list
  • Promote it on your delivery pages
  • Create YouTube videos
  • Share it on social media
  • Buy Facebook ads
  • Buy YouTube ads
  • Buy Google Ads or Bing Ads
  • Include great bonuses to help business owners with SEO

You're an experienced affiliate - just do what has made you successful.

Email Swipe #1:


Did you know there are some secret psychological triggers you see everyday that are CONTROLLING your mind?


You've probably seen a bunch of them today, and you don't even know it.

If you've read emails selling something or have seen an advertisement today, you've seen them.

It's like...

Sometimes you just feel more compelled to buy.

Why is that?

The highly paid ad writers have studied the art of writing ad copy for years. They know the secrets and different ways to make people buy.

Most of the local ads I see or hear for the local flower shop... yeah, they really don't know these secrets and it's obvious. You get to the end of the ad and you're thinking... "who cares?"


With expertly-designed ads, you are actually thinking about buying or you have you credit card out already.

Most of us just don't have access to these secrets.

We try to sell our affiliate products and...


That stinks... I know.

So, I set a goal to learn why some ads make me want to buy. I HAD to find out how.

I did just that!

Just think...

What if you could harness the power of professional copywriters and use that to better sell your affiliate products?

How great would your earnings be?

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Don't miss out.

This information won't last long.

Instead of trying to figure this out yourself - learn the secrets and turn your earnings around.

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Thank you,

Email Swipe #2:

Hello Again,

Have you been trying to make money with affiliate programs?

How did that work for you?

Were sales sky high?

If the answer is, "no" then... I feel you.

I tried for years and just couldn't crack it. Other people had huge earnings but mine were almost nothing. Course after course, and still... not good.

Getting it right takes getting the right strategy.

If you were building a house, you'd want to first talk to experts, right?

If not, your house would probably fall down.

Well, I know someone who got the top tips from experts, and put them all together. I got a peek at these tips and... they're good.

Like, REALLY good.

Go find out more now - CLICK

Once you know these secrets, getting more affiliate sales is actually a breeze.

Just use the expert formulas that work... simple.

If you'd like to finally make more with affiliate marketing, this is definitely worth checking out.

Go find out more now - CLICK

Thank you,


There is no contest this time but remember, you get 50% on the $399 webinar (minus WarriorPlus fees, of course). Add in some great bonuses you have to get people to purchase the OTO, which is really comprehensive training.


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